What Is This ? 
medhA 3 is a keyboard-layout (a software) for Devanagari Script. Its third in the series. More about it is here.


What It Does ? 
It makes you able to write any language using Devanagari script on Windows OS(starting from XP to Windows 10).
Devanagari is used to write Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Newari, Magahi, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Gujari, Pahari (Garhwali and Kumaoni), Konkani, Marwari, Bhili, Santhali, Tharu. Sometimes Sindhi, Sherpa and Kashmiri are also written in this script. Formerly it was used to write Gujarati too.

So, you can write all these languages in Devanagari script with “medhA” keyboards.


Why A New Version ? 
Older version of medhA is working fine. So, it is not left totally. medhA is base of this series of keyboard-layouts. But, we needed some special characters to write. They were not available in older layout. So, we have a few modifications here.


So, What Is New Here ? 
“medhA 3” keyboard layout for devanAgarI has some modifications. Now, you can use these combinations on keyboard –

  1. ctrl+shift+1 for ‘zero width joiner’
  2. ctrl+shift+2 for ‘zero width non-joiner’
  3. ctrl+shift+3 for ‘udAtta’
  4. ctrl+shift+4 for ‘anudAtta’
  5. ctrl+shift+5 for ‘swarita’


How To Use These Combinations ? What Will I Get ? 

‘zero width joiner’ is used to write half letters, as क्‍त. (See the first one in the above picture, if it is not displayed well).

To write this, use
k + , + (ctrl+shift+1) + t = क+्+ ‍ + त = क्‍त
And remember that ‘zero width joiner’ is not visible character.

Special Use
zero width joiner is also used to show newArI or marAThI half-र, as in र्‍क.
To write this, use

र+्+zero width joiner.


‘zero width non-joiner’ is used to write consonants with visible virAmam, as क्‌त. (See the middle one in the above picture, if it is not displayed well).
To write this, use
k + , + (ctrl+shift+2) +t = क + ् + ‌ + त = क्‌त


If you don’t use them, you will get क्त. (See the third one in the above picture, if it is not displayed well).
To write this, use
k + , + t = क + ् + त = क्त


udAtta, etc. are for Vedic uses.


Who Should Use? 
Those, who don’t want to use complex ligatures, can use zero width joiner or non-joiner to make all consonants visible while combining.
Unicode Fonts, like Sanskrit2003, support many complex ligatures. Some of them are very rarely used. Many people find them strange and difficult. So, you may like to write them in simple way.
These combinations will help you do that.
For more details, please check this one.

medhA 3 is available to be downloaded at My Skydrive (*Link Removed).
Please Download newer version HERE.

यतिरहं श्रीमतो भगवतः शङ्कराचार्यस्य भगवत्पादाभिधां बिभ्रतः सम्प्रदायानुगतो वेदतदनुकूलसकलशास्त्रनिचये श्रद्धावान् गुरुणाऽनुल्लङ्घनीयशासनेन विदितवेदवेदान्तशैवाद्यागमतन्त्रादिरसरहस्येनाऽनुगृहीतो निश्चितवेदप्रामाण्यस्तादृशविद्वत्त्वलोभी येन जीवन्मुक्त्यादिक्रमेण विदेहकैवल्याप्तिरुपदिष्टा मात्रा श्रीमत्या स्नेहपरयोमया हैमवत्या श्रुत्या॥

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