Shankaracharya & Authorship of Stotra


Do we know who was बुधकौशिक who composed the रामरक्षास्तोत्र or  पुष्पदन्त who composed the शिवमहिम्नस्तोत्र?  These strotras as recited by thousands each day but we do not know how old they are, who composed them and when and where.



At least we know that puShpadanta was a gandharva. Time, etc. are not known. Now, it is another thing that the new way to go is to say that there is nothing called gandharva and these are mere stories to eulogise.

But, even then the recitation generates dharma, because it is eulogy of devatA. That needs name of author as R^iShi. But, for accruing puNya, it is never said that his family and birth-place should be remembered. So, people don’t give that much importance to that and they become lost with time. That doesn’t affect result, puNya.

If even that is not acceptable, then accept that some type of pleasure is obtained by reciting them. That doesn’t need knowledge of author’s history.


In the absence of any known history, legends get attached to the popular stotras.  One such legend is to attach the name of आदि शंकराचार्य to a popular stotra.. Counting all peethas, there have been hundreds of शंकराचार्यs  over the last 12 centuries, many of them quite erudite and also with the poetic faculty.  A stotra composed by any one of them would be called श्रीमच्छंकराचार्यविरचितम्.  Taking off from there, we presume that it was composed by आदि शंकराचार्य.  But what is the historical evidence for saying so?



It is quite evident that no sha~NkarAchArya uses the word ‘sha~NkarachArya’ apart from this sannyAsa name, as someone uses sha~NkarAchArya bharata-tIrtha. So, it is not acceptable that their usage of ‘same word’ may have contributed to the present problem.

Some gentlemen go a few more steps and say that those sha~NkarAchArya-s knowingly did it, so that there composition becomes famous. I don’t know how much ignorant such persons are and how much wicked at heart. Because, only those who are ‘very familiar’ with crookedness can superimpose their ‘own quality’ on a sannyAsI whose vrata is to say truth, and who is adorning a respected seat.

If someone wants to say that scribes were lazy and they left some parts from puShpikA, even then it is difficult to accept that all scribes from all different places and times did the same mistake.

We may however blame the unavailability of manuscripts ‘written by sane scribe’. But, this should be done only after it is proved that these are not works of sha~NkarAchArya or any such person. Before that it is mere speculation based on other set of speculations, as authors style is not same, etc. Even my writings on different subjects at different times are very different, and if I don’t mention my email address it will be difficult for you to ascertain my authorship.


he thinks are unworthy of आदि शंकराचार्य:

1) A conscious effort to create a sound effect – सुरेश्वरं निधीश्वरं गजेश्वरं गणेश्वरंमहेश्वरं … V.2

2) Inappropriate use of a word and an unnecessary use of पादपूरक to balance the meter – महागणेशपञ्चरत्नमादरेण योऽन्वहंप्रजल्पति प्रभातके ह्रदि स्मरन् गणेश्वरम् ॥  v. 6

Here,  प्रजल्पति strictly means ‘;jabbering.’  To use it in the sense of ‘reciting’ is beneath आदि शंकराचार्य.   In प्रभातके,  the पादपूरक  के is added only to balance the requirement of the meter.  It makes the language very inelegant.

3) In V.5, ह्रदन्तरे निरन्तरं वसन्तमेव योगिनांतमेकदन्तमेव तं विचिन्तयामि संततम् , the use of एव twice is superfluous and undeserving of आदि शंकराचार्य.



1) I think any such conscious effort is called poetry. And trying to get similar sound is not something out of range of poetry. If you think that some other poets or you could have done better, even then why not accept that sha~Nkara was not at his best at that time. Why expect that a person will write in same style with same quality at all times. Our capacities are limited and so were his. Why expect super-human like capacities from him at all times in all areas. First you imagine that ‘he must perform in a specific way’ and then you blame him for not performing. I think there is some serious problem in your thinking.

Moreover, it is evident that some other poets are/were better than sha~Nkara. Isn’t it? I’m not ready to accept that his all poems are best of all times. Even later advaita works are clearer than his bhAShya-s. It is another thing that they polished the same base which was provided by him.

2. For प्रजल्पति , I don’t think that there is any problem. If jabbering like recitation can produce results, what to say about any sincere repetition. BTW, जल्पः doesn’t mean वृथाप्रलापः only, it means कथनम्  also. I think that person was trying too hard to establish things!!

For प्रभातके, if पादपूरणम् is done by क without altering meaning and at same time giving it rhyme; what is the problem. This is allowed in व्याकरणम् and काव्यम् both. Only a person, who doesn’t understand these things, limit of creativity, etc., superimposes super-human-qualities and expects results which he desire (from author), can say such things.

It is clear that whatever his ‘thesis’ mentions are not एकान्तहेतवः, and that which is not अव्यभिचारि can’t prove anything. It falls in category of speculation. Moreover, it is against unbroken sampradAya, accuses adultery on part of people who were sannyAsin-s(striving to stay truthful), and superimposes his own illusions on others. So, his ‘reasons’ become very weak.

I think that those who want to study ‘AchArya and elders’ critically, fail to critically examine their own ideas, and ‘traditional-s’ somehow fail to give any reply to them, so they are being considered as ‘absolutely correct and scientific’ now.


These are some of the reasons, for which he thinks that the गणेशपञ्चरत्नस्तोत्र is unlikely to have been composed by आदि शंकराचार्य.  There are other reasons too, the chief among them being that the अद्वैत philosopher in him would not descend yo the level of offering devotion to any physical deity and composing poetry,, extolling the virtues of this or that deity.



This reason just shows that he didn’t study advaita and he fails to grasp that advaitin-s accept veda-s as pramANa and don’t refute karma-upAsanA. purANa-s are also accepted as pramANa, because they are AptapraNIta and shIShTa-parigR^ihIta. But, that doesn’t make sense to ‘these people’, because they may be in hurry to prove something.

For more you may head to Advaita-l Group, where archives will help you understand few things related to this last ‘reason’.

Shut Your Mouth, You Imperfect!

There is a specific tendency visible in many people (mostly in those who hate varNAshrama but don’t want to appear as haters) to expect 100% observance of shAstrokta-dharma and AchAra from anyone who appears to follow them.

Let us accept that there is nothing called 100% observance of any rule, either shAsrtIya or other. It’s a journey where we learn shAstra-s, gain shraddhA in vidhi-niShedha and then try to follow them according to our eligibility and likings(yes they contribute to our behaviour). These factors are common for any area of unforced-natural-learning.
So, if a sannyAsI is good at one dharma, as study of vedAnta(by the way it’s his core-dharma), and bad at other(non-possession and travel, etc.); I can just expect that he continues his journey to learn, earn shraddhA and enthusiasm to follow more and more. I’ll never go to him and say that – ‘what’s in following shAstrAdhyayana, when you are not able to shun possession?’ This is very negative attitude, which is basically asking to shun one good quality just because he doesn’t possess another good quality. People having such tone are actually haters to core, or idiots, or shraddhAjaDa-s – whichever category you like to name. They are themselves not respectful to the fact that someone is trying at least, or that he has some good qualities.
The correct way to reach such practicing person is to tell them/expect from them that they will not shun the present good quality and gain one more, and one more, and more.
And, why ask sannyAsI-s only? sannyAsI-s have very few rules to follow. What about a brahmachArI-s, who never knew about brahmacharya, or upavIta or sandhyA; or a gRhastha who has to follow even more dharma-s and AchAra-s.
If we start to shut mouth of people based on their adherence of some rules, instead of their knowledge, I think most of you may not get any chance to post any mail here(Advaita-l). Isn’t it?
So, a discussion must not depend on what you do. It must be based on knowledge. That’s why sannyAsI-s and gRhastha-s and brahmachArI-s are a part of this community, although they are all imperfect at the same time.
So, never bring character of a person to win an argument. It’s the worst logic, if we can term it a logic, which can be used.
And, don’t fear that someone is questioning someone, because when you fear that thing and act defensive it’s just a sign of your unclear understanding. Why not try to face questions and have some answers prepared using our precious time and intelligence. This exercise will allow you to eradicate you vague understanding about that person or idea, or it may reveal that you don’t have enough knowledge to support or blame him/that.
One more thing to learn from critics is that they have courage to question. Most of us don’t possess that owing to our shraddhA(preoccupation!?) or we think that that’s trivial (for reasons even unknown to us or for some vague reasons).
When someone asks those questions, you have got some chance to test whether you have sufficient reasons to refute the objection/solve the problem or not. Are those reasons, actually reasons or just some type of untested ideas?, etc.
So, I think it is better to not ask or point fingers at others’ character, when this list is open, i.e. when it doesn’t ask about and verify you character/adherence to dharma.
Moreover, you can shut mouth of critics if you are too many, as it happens in advaitin-yahoo group. But, that’s not healthy. You are creating an atmosphere where you can pass fatwa(फतवा) for everyone who is not like you. But, when you go outside your area/group, you will feel helpless, because you can’t stop others there, in neutral or other’s territory. So, your attitude will eventually weaken you. I don’t think that it is preferable for any sane person.

Sanskrit .dictionary files for Mac OS


Update : 20.07.2019

Original Post:

I was able to convert a few StarDict dictionaries to .dictionary files which are compatible with native dictionary application. These are :
  1. vAchaspatyam-sa (वाचस्पत्यम्)
  2. kalpadruma-sa (शब्दकल्पद्रुमः)
  3. AkhyAtachandrikA (आख्यातचन्द्रिका)
  4. Apte-bi (Dictionary by Apte)
  5. Apte (Dictionary by Apte)
  6. Amara-Onto (अमरकोशः)
  7. Amara-Context2 (अमरकोशः)
  8. Amara-Context (अमरकोशः)
  9. Amara (अमरकोशः)
These will allow to find you any definition of any word which occurs in those dictionaries. It’s a boon for Sanskrit lovers to have these big/bulky dictionaries in digital/searchable form.
  1. Downloadable files are available HERE. Download them.  See the above Github link and download more dictionaries from there.
  2. If you get files with .dictionary extension, then fine. If you get any other compressed format (.7z, .zip, .rar), then un-compress them.
  3. Open Dictionary Application from Launchpad.
  4. Go to menu bar — File > Open Dictionaries Folder
  5. Copy those .dictionary files there by dragging.
  6. Close the Dictionary Folder.
  7. Go to Dictionary Application.
  8. Go to menu bar — Dictionary > Preference
  9. Select your desired dictionaries.
  10. Close (Command+W).
  11. Type Words.
  12. Enjoy.
The base file which was used is located HERE. Thank to Sanskrit-Coders who are developing many Open-Source programs for Sanskrit. The software which was used to convert these is DicUnifier (free). Thanks to the developer
Jiang Jiang. Some StarDict files converted easily, while others were taking ages. So, those which were successfully converted are being put on Mediafire. If some of you succeed to convert those, please share files with us. There are a few benefits of using native application instead of ColorDict/GoldenDict on Mac OS. First, the appearance is very good, clean. Second, it allows you to look up words from many applications. Although we have pop-up option for GoldenDict available, I prefer native application for security reasons too. GoldenDict is not avvailable in AppStore and you need to disable protection to install it. I don’t like this. Please, check these websites for more clarity and help:
  1. David’s Logbook
  2. Amrta
  3. Amrta
  4. Xdxf
Here is a snapshot from the Dictionary Application showing active dictionary files:      

medhA – for Mac OS

Here I present medhA keyboard layout for Mac OS.

This follows the same scheme which we are following on other platforms. So, if you are shifting to Apple computers, it will make you feel at home.

It is still being developed. So, please wait for more features.

It appears that we might be able to get more benefit from the keyboard layout in Mac OS, as the software allows many combination of keys to get different results.

Here are different images to understand the usage:

  1.  Normal State


  1. Shift State


  1. Caps Lock


  1. Caps Lock + Shift


Here is the keyboard file –

Download – medhA-macOSX.1.3. (Link Removed)

Download – medhA-macOSX.1.5(Link Removed, Go below for new link.)

How to Install :

  1. Download the file
  2. Double Click the downloaded file.
  3. Now, you may have the file “medhA-macOSX.1.5.bundle”
  4. Copy that file.
  5. Press Command + Shift + G
  6. Type “~/Library/Keyboard Layouts” in the pop-up. It will open the mentioned folder.
  7. Paste the file(“medhA-macOSX.1.5.bundle”) in “~/Library/Keyboard Layouts” folder.
  8. Close the window.
  9. Go to – System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources
  10. Search ‘Sanskrit’
  11. Select medhA keyboard.
  12. Done.


  1. Download this file “
  2. Double click the downloaded file.
  3. The following screen may appear.
  4. Drag the medhA-macOSx.1.5.bundle to the Keyboard Layout.
  5. Go to – System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources
  6. Search ‘Sanskrit’
  7. Select medhA keyboard.
  8. Done


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Pictures taken from Internet.

हस्ताभ्यां कलशद्वयामृतरसैराप्लावयन्तं शिरो

द्वाभ्यां तौ दधतं मृगाक्षवलये द्वाभ्यां वहन्तं परम् ।

अङ्कन्यस्तकरद्वयामृतघटं कैलासकान्तं शिवं

स्वच्छाम्भोजगतं नवेन्दुमुकुटं देवं त्रिनेत्रं भजे ॥


– इति श्रीशिवध्यानम् अज्ञातकर्त्तृकम् । श्रीमहामृत्युञ्जयध्यानम् इत्येव प्रसिद्धोयं श्लोकः ।

अयं विशेषः – श्लोको यद्यप्यष्टभुजमेव शिवं विषयीकरोति , तथापि भ्रमात् हरद्वारस्थविग्रहे दोष्णां षट्कमेव । – इति ।

shrI-yantra on shiva-li~Nga

This is shrI-chakrarAja-li~Ngeshvara(श्रीचक्रराजलिङ्गेश्वरः). It’s in a temple near karNATaka-ghAT in Varanasi. People claim that it was established by shrI-bhAskara-rAya, a great shrI-vidyA-upAsaka. People also said that teacher of shrI-muttu-svAmI-dIxitAr lived here.

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There is a similar li~Nga on pa~ncha-ga~NgA-ghATa near ma~NgalA-gaurI-temple. That is known as pAtAleshvara. People claim that this was also established by bhAskara-rAya, although I’ve not yet found any convincing proof.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is another such li~Nga inside annpUrNA temple. There is no doubt about it’s original worshiper. It was bhAskara-rAya.
I was not able to get pictures of yantreshvara. I’ll try to get that.

अत्रैद्बोद्ध्यं यत् – यद्यपि एतानि त्रीण्यपि लिङ्गानि भास्कररायस्थापितत्वेन प्रसिद्धानि तथापि पातालेश्वर-चक्रराजलिङ्गेश्वरयोरस्ति महान्भेदः । तथा हि – नवयोनयः सर्व्वा एव पातालेश्वरस्य शिरसि , पद्मद्वयं भूपुरञ्च लिङ्गस्य स्तम्भे ; चक्रराजलिङ्गेश्वरस्य तु नवयोनेरपि भागः स्तम्भपर्य्यन्तं गच्छति , पद्मद्वये च लिङ्गसमाप्तिः , भूपुरं तु योनिपीठे ।
पातालेश्वरस्य शिरसि वलयता न तथा यथा श्रीचक्रराजलिङ्गेश्वरस्य ।
यन्त्रेश्वरस्य तु प्रायस्सर्व्वांशे पातालेश्वरतुल्यता । यन्त्रेेश्वरपातालेश्वरयोरत्यन्तसादृश्यादिदं वक्तुं शक्यते यत् तयोस्स्थापको जन एक एव वा एकसम्प्रदायागतो वा इति ।
श्रीचक्रराजलिङ्गेश्वरस्तु विजातीयो भाति ।

यन्त्रस्य शिवलिङ्गे स्थापनं तु त्रिपुरयैवोदिष्टो रहस्यस्य माहात्म्यखण्डे –

लिङ्गपूजनमात्रेण प्रीताहं वाञ्छितार्थदा ॥
विधिना पूजिता लिङ्गे येनाहं भक्तिभावतः ।
तस्मै ददामि सालोक्यमलभ्यमन्यथा जनैः ॥
यस्तु लिङ्गे यन्त्रराजं विलिख्य पूजयेच्च माम् ।
तत्फलं चक्रराजार्चाकोटिकोटिगुणं भवेत् ॥
लिङ्गमूर्द्ध्नि कृतं यन्त्रं सर्वयन्त्रोत्तमोत्तमम् ।
तत्र पूजनमात्रेण पूजिताः सर्वदेवताः ॥
यस्मात्त्रिमूर्त्तिरूपं तद् देवा मूर्त्तित्रयोद्भवाः ।

प्रथमः श्लोकस्तावन्न लिङ्गे यन्त्रस्थापनं ब्रूते , किन्तु शिवाराध्यायास्त्रिपुराया अर्चनमात्रम् । द्वितीयस्य प्रथमार्द्धे तत्फलकथनम् ।
द्वितीयश्लोकस्यापरार्द्धे अपरस्य च पूर्व्वार्द्धे लिङ्गाधिकरणकयन्त्रराजस्थितदेव्याः पूजनं महत्फलदत्वेन विहितम् ।
तृतीयापरार्द्धे लिङ्गशिरसि लिखितस्य यन्त्रस्य सर्व्वयन्त्रेभ्य उत्कृष्टत्वं बोधितम् ।
अग्रे तु लिङ्गपूजनस्य फलकथनम् ।
इति विषयभेदः ।

तत्र प्रथमं लिङ्गे यन्त्रलेखनं सामान्येनोक्त्वा तच्छिरसि तल्लेखनस्याग्रे विशेषेणोक्तत्वात् , भिन्नफलादर्शनेनैकप्रकरणस्थत्वात् च , लिङ्गस्य मूर्द्ध्न्येव श्रीचक्रराजस्य लेखनमुचितं ; न तु स्तम्भादिषु ।यावद्विशेषप्रमाणानुपलम्भस्तावन्नान्येषां लेखनानां प्रामाणिकत्वम् इति तावत्स्मृत्यधिकरणानुकूलमननुष्ठानमेव – इति मम भाति ।

कथञ्चित् लिङ्गे यन्त्रराजलेखनं यथाकथञ्चिल्लेखनाभिप्रायेण इति दृष्टाणां यन्त्राणां प्रामाणिकत्वोपपत्तावपि , शिरस्येव लिखितस्यैव सर्व्वोत्कृष्टता इत्यपि द्रष्टव्यम् ।

तत्र केचन शिवशक्त्यैक्यरूपोयं विग्रह इति वदन्ति । तन्न , शिवस्यात्र देव्याधाराधारमात्रत्वात् । न हि अत्र आधारभूतस्य शिवस्य देवीस्वामित्वं किन्तु तत्सेवकत्वमेव , रहस्यमाहात्म्यात् । शिवशक्त्यैक्यभासने तु श्रीचक्रमेवालम् । – इत्यपि ज्ञेयम् ।

medhA-6 : How to Use

Please, visit this page and download the software and images from the link.

Please, install the software on your PC by double clicking medhA-6.exe(which you downloaded just now).

Open MS Word/Notepad or any similar software.

Press Ctrl+Shift. It will change your keyboard to Sanskrit one(if your installed it correctly and there is no other IME installed).

Now, press each key and test. Watch the printed letter.

Now, keep Shift key pressed and press those keys. Note what letters are being typed.

Now, press AltGr(the Alt key which is on righ hand side of keyboard) and press other keys. Watch letter printed on screen.

Same for Shif+Ctrl key pressed.


Now, look at the images you downloaded. Compare them with the printed text. Are they same? If yes, then OK.

Remembering keys is very easy. We have followed similar sounds to maximum extent. So, you will find क and ख on ‘k’ key; although ख needs press of shift key.

Similar for च, छ, etc.

Some special characters are on IME. They were explained here. The change is in position of those special keys. ‘AltGr+a’ bring  ‘zero width zoiner’, while ‘AltGr+b’ brings ‘zero width non-joiner’.

  • AltGr+z = chandrabindu-virAma(चन्द्रबिन्दु विराम)
  • AltGr+x = udAtta(उदात्त)
  • AltGr+c = anudAtta(अनुदात्त)
  • AltGr+v = combining-macron(योजक)
  • AltGr+b =double-svarita(द्विस्वरित)
  • AltGr+n = tripple-svarita(त्रिस्वरित)

Rest is easy to understand from pictures and the practice I prescribed in beginning.

medhA-6 : Unicode Sanskrit Keyboard Layout

Version 6 of medhA keyboard for Unicode Sanskrit is ready.
It is similar to old version, medhA-3. So, it also follows phonetics. In that way you don’t need to remember most key. They come to you naturally. Previous guides posted at my website and that of svAmI nIlakaNTha will help you.
A few changes :
Alt Gr allows you to type full stop(.), comma(,), Rupee Sign(₹), exclamation(!), etc. and some vaidika signs.
Details are in pictures.
So, from now you don’t need to switch keyboard to English for comma, full stop, etc.Installation package is available here : medha-6.exe.(new link)
A detailed change log may be posted later.

medhA-6 in normal condition (without pressing any additional key)
medhA-6 with Shift key pressed
medhA-6 with AltGr(Right Alt) key pressed
medhA-6 with Shif+Ctrl keys pressed

Was sha~NkarAchArya ekadaNDI or paramahaMsa?

It is difficult to say anything about presence of ekadaNDa or it’s absence. But, we can easily say that he was not a tridaNDI.


Why ?


Because, tridaNDa relates to kuTIchaka and bahUdaka type of sannyAsa which can only be accepted by tIvra-vairAgyavAn, i.e. a person who doesn’t desire son, wife, etc. in this life.

Considering that bhagavatpAda was parivrAjaka, chances of him being kuTIchaka is eliminated. Only those tIvra-vairAgyavAn persons can accept kuTIchaka sannyAsa who are unable to travel to tIrtha-xetra.
Now, considering that kuTIchaka and bahUdaka sannyAsI-s have to keep shikhA and yaGYopavIta, which are sAdhana of karma, and abide to detailed rituals as mentioned in smR^iti-s and nibandha-s, one can easily deduce that sha~NkarAchArya was not one of them.

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Manuscript Repositories in India – 2

‪#‎Manuscripts‬ Narendra Modi Smriti Zubin Irani
There is a manuscript repository which is not government-funded. The organization somehow get some precious manuscripts.

When I approached, they said that only specific administrator is authorized to grant access to manuscripts.
When asked about that person, it was told that he comes only two days in a week, that too for 2-3 hours.
When we managed to meet him and gave an application, he asked to come after a few days because the person who looks after manuscripts comes only when asked.

When I went after some days, the price-list was shown which was very different from that of any other repository. I was shocked!! Add to it, they didn’t show me manuscripts so I couldn’t check if they are actually needed!!

When asked about such rate-card, the answer was that they have saved manuscripts for so many years and since they were not government-funded, so they are charging in this way.

But, that was only handling charges. The price to get a xerox or scan is to be given separately.

I asked if they had these manuscripts scanned, just to save me from labor of taking snaps. BTW, who will prefer to give so much money and stand hours to take snaps.
They have scans. Thanks to NAMAMI(, a Government of India enterprise.
But, they insisted that it is impossible to find desired scans in DVD-s because there is no proper list on DVD-s and the number of DVD-s is very big. Thanks to NAMAMI for doing their work so unprofessionally. In a way Government of India is wasting money with such unprofessional IT companies(those who scanned for NAMAMI).

I offered that I’ll sit on PC to find desired books on DVD-s, yes 400+DVD-s.
I was asked to come after few days, for the person who takes care of them comes only when asked.

I went after a few days and met the person. The person started to say me that it is impossible to find books in DVD-s, they don’t have name, etc. Then he showed me two of them. I checked and found that they were labelled. When I showed it to them, they said that each DVD has many books and all of them are not on label.

I said it is fine. At least we have some clue to find books.
They agreed hesitantly. But, they said that there is no person to check DVD-s for me, so I should spend some more money to get them xeroxed.
Calculating my budget and number of books I wanted(which may need a million), I said that I will go for scans.
They repeated same argument. I offered to sit and do the work myself. They agreed.
But, next problem is there. When I asked to give a PC to sit and check DVD-s, they said that there is no person to sit with you. 😛  (God! save me.)
Anyway, I suggested them to copy all DVD-s to a Hard Disk, because any small scratch on DVD-s can make them unreadable and hence useless. They agreed to raise the request to administrator.

I said that I’ll meet the senior administrator again regarding present problems and need of HDD.

I called on the day to confirm presence of administrator. He was there but ready to leave(there is no fixed office hour).
I asked the person on phone to give the call to administrator. He didn’t give!! He said that he will not tell ad I have to call on other number to talk to the person. (I can’t say if this is helping attitude).
I called again and asked him to wait and went to meet him.

He repeated that there is no person to sit with me. And, then he said that if you directly copied from DVD-s, the quality of scans will be degraded. He said that they will copy them to their hard disk and then I should copy for best quality!! (Do they think I’m dumb just because I’m in traditional cloths).

I agreed, just to avoid any useless debate with such people.(remember that even an idiot administrator is an administrator and can harm/obstruct you in many ways.)

I asked the approx time after which I could call them. They bluntly said 2 months.

I’m waiting. 😛