medhA-6 : How to Use

Please, visit this page and download the software and images from the link.

Please, install the software on your PC by double clicking medhA-6.exe(which you downloaded just now).

Open MS Word/Notepad or any similar software.

Press Ctrl+Shift. It will change your keyboard to Sanskrit one(if your installed it correctly and there is no other IME installed).

Now, press each key and test. Watch the printed letter.

Now, keep Shift key pressed and press those keys. Note what letters are being typed.

Now, press AltGr(the Alt key which is on righ hand side of keyboard) and press other keys. Watch letter printed on screen.

Same for Shif+Ctrl key pressed.


Now, look at the images you downloaded. Compare them with the printed text. Are they same? If yes, then OK.

Remembering keys is very easy. We have followed similar sounds to maximum extent. So, you will find क and ख on ‘k’ key; although ख needs press of shift key.

Similar for च, छ, etc.

Some special characters are on IME. They were explained here. The change is in position of those special keys. ‘AltGr+a’ bring  ‘zero width zoiner’, while ‘AltGr+b’ brings ‘zero width non-joiner’.

  • AltGr+z = chandrabindu-virAma(चन्द्रबिन्दु विराम)
  • AltGr+x = udAtta(उदात्त)
  • AltGr+c = anudAtta(अनुदात्त)
  • AltGr+v = combining-macron(योजक)
  • AltGr+b =double-svarita(द्विस्वरित)
  • AltGr+n = tripple-svarita(त्रिस्वरित)

Rest is easy to understand from pictures and the practice I prescribed in beginning.

यतिरहं श्रीमतो भगवतः शङ्कराचार्यस्य भगवत्पादाभिधां बिभ्रतः सम्प्रदायानुगतो वेदतदनुकूलसकलशास्त्रनिचये श्रद्धावान् गुरुणाऽनुल्लङ्घनीयशासनेन विदितवेदवेदान्तशैवाद्यागमतन्त्रादिरसरहस्येनाऽनुगृहीतो निश्चितवेदप्रामाण्यस्तादृशविद्वत्त्वलोभी येन जीवन्मुक्त्यादिक्रमेण विदेहकैवल्याप्तिरुपदिष्टा मात्रा श्रीमत्या स्नेहपरयोमया हैमवत्या श्रुत्या॥

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