medhA – for Mac OS

Here I present medhA keyboard layout for Mac OS.

This follows the same scheme which we are following on other platforms. So, if you are shifting to Apple computers, it will make you feel at home.

It is still being developed. So, please wait for more features.

It appears that we might be able to get more benefit from the keyboard layout in Mac OS, as the software allows many combination of keys to get different results.

Here are different images to understand the usage:

  1.  Normal State


  1. Shift State


  1. Caps Lock


  1. Caps Lock + Shift


Here is the keyboard file –

Download – medhA-macOSX.1.3. (Link Removed)

Download – medhA-macOSX.1.5(Link Removed, Go below for new link.)

How to Install :

  1. Download the file
  2. Double Click the downloaded file.
  3. Now, you may have the file “medhA-macOSX.1.5.bundle”
  4. Copy that file.
  5. Press Command + Shift + G
  6. Type “~/Library/Keyboard Layouts” in the pop-up. It will open the mentioned folder.
  7. Paste the file(“medhA-macOSX.1.5.bundle”) in “~/Library/Keyboard Layouts” folder.
  8. Close the window.
  9. Go to – System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources
  10. Search ‘Sanskrit’
  11. Select medhA keyboard.
  12. Done.


  1. Download this file “
  2. Double click the downloaded file.
  3. The following screen may appear.
  4. Drag the medhA-macOSx.1.5.bundle to the Keyboard Layout.
  5. Go to – System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources
  6. Search ‘Sanskrit’
  7. Select medhA keyboard.
  8. Done

यतिरहं श्रीमतो भगवतः शङ्कराचार्यस्य भगवत्पादाभिधां बिभ्रतः सम्प्रदायानुगतो वेदतदनुकूलसकलशास्त्रनिचये श्रद्धावान् गुरुणाऽनुल्लङ्घनीयशासनेन विदितवेदवेदान्तशैवाद्यागमतन्त्रादिरसरहस्येनाऽनुगृहीतो निश्चितवेदप्रामाण्यस्तादृशविद्वत्त्वलोभी येन जीवन्मुक्त्यादिक्रमेण विदेहकैवल्याप्तिरुपदिष्टा मात्रा श्रीमत्या स्नेहपरयोमया हैमवत्या श्रुत्या॥

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